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Today, the RAC group, which started its phase in the sector of waste in 1994, is consolidated as a leader to the Spanish domestic market, in the collection service of vegetable oils used, in all the Spanish communities.

R.A.C. S.L. (Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, Tarragona)
OLIFIL S.L. (Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, Tarragona)
LIMFILCO S.L. (Castellón, Valencia)
BIOACEITES S.L. (Alicante)
TRAGRASA S.L. (Community of Castilla la Mancha)
REACEX S.L. (Community of Extremadura and Salamanca)
REAVES S.L. (Seville, Cadiz, Huelva, Cordoba "Plant in Seville")
REAVES S.L. (Granada, Jaén, Almería, Málaga "Plant in Granada")
RAUM S.L. (Madrid, Guadalajara, Toledo, Segovia, Ávila)
CANBIO S.L. (Community Canary Islands "Plants in 4 Islands")
ECORECICLING IB S.L. (Community Balearic Islands "Plants on 3 Islands")
RAM S.L. (Community of Murcia "Plants in Murcia")
PROCESADORA GALLEGA S.L. (Community Galicia, Asturias, León and Zamora "Plant in Lalín")

SERVIAL S.L. (National - "Urban containers")
CLAKI OIL S.L. (National - "OLIKLAK - schools project")

In other communities, the RAC group, also offer the service through the following collaborating companies. RAFRINOR, GAR, ECOGRAS, AGMA, ECOCYL, ECOCEUTA.

Collection, recycling, reuse and TRACEABILITY.
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